Breach of Contract Litigation

Contract disputes can take many forms, but in general, they stem from one party’s belief that it has been treated unfairly or improperly by another party.

Contracts exist to clarify rights and responsibilities in any transaction. Usually, contracts lead to satisfactory outcomes. When they do not, parties to the agreement find themselves in court. The business litigators at Skufca Law in Charlotte, have represented many businesses and individuals through the complexities of breach of contract disputes.

When Sound Contracts Aren’t Enough

If you entered into a binding contract and the other party failed to hold up its end, you may be entitled to recover damages. You want an attorney who can help you recover all the damages to which you are entitled.

At Skufca Law, we work cases involving anticipatory breach, actual breach, material breach and minor breach. We file lawsuits to enforce contracts and work with businesses in every industry and profession. We know North Carolina law, and we are committed to your objectives.

Our attorneys litigate claims for fraud or misrepresentation, intentional or negligent. This includes claims based on the concealment of a material fact. We also work with partnerships in dissolution and shareholders’ lawsuits.

Seeking The Full Range Of Damages For You

Our business lawyers can obtain the full range of damages for you: compensatory damages, expectation damages, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of the “benefit of the bargain,” specific performance, injunctive relief and other incidental and consequential damages.

Only an experienced business litigator, one who understands North Carolina contract law, has the knowledge and skills to protect your interests.

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