Employer Counsel and Employment Transactional Agreements

Managing the employer-employee relationship and complying with current employment laws are crucial components of a successful business. Our experienced team offers comprehensive legal services to help your business navigate the complex and constantly-evolving landscape of employment law. These services include drafting, reviewing, or revising your employment agreements and severance agreements; and helping your business develop, update, and communicate company policies and procedures.

Employment Agreements and Non-Competes

Well-drafted employment agreements are important for fostering positive employer-employee relationships. We work closely with employers to create contracts that define roles, responsibilities, and expectations clearly. Our non-compete agreements are designed to safeguard your proprietary information and prevent unfair competition. The laws governing the contents and obligations set forth in employment agreements change frequently with real impact on employers. We keep you abreast of such changes (and avoid costly penalties and consequences for inadvertent violations) so you don’t have to. Whether you are hiring key executives, skilled professionals, or entry-level employees, we tailor agreements to suit your specific needs, industry standards, and legal requirements.

Severance and Release of Claims Agreements

Releasing employees can be a complex process that not only disrupts workflow and causes distress, but also exposes the company to a lawsuit. Before a termination decision has been made, our team can assess the litigation risk based on the circumstances and recommend steps to decrease the risk. Once the decision to terminate has been made, our team is here to facilitate a smooth process and protect your company from potential lawsuits by providing severance and release agreements that comply with applicable laws, protect your interests, and provide appropriate benefits to departing employees.

Company Handbooks and Policy Creation

An up-to-date and comprehensive employee handbook is a vital tool for setting expectations and maintaining a productive and compliant workforce. Having a comprehensive handbook can even play an evidentiary role in defending your company in discrimination claims and other employer-employee disputes. Our attorneys work closely with your organization to create customized company handbooks and policies that align with your values, specific practices, and industry laws and regulations.

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