Commercial Debt Collection

Businesses that routinely permit their invoices or debts go unpaid are either less profitable than they otherwise could be or are no longer in business. The team at Skufca Law helps businesses use collections laws and techniques to recover money or other assets that are owed.  We work with businesses to maximize the value of their uncollected debts by tailoring the solution to the specific problem faced by the client.  We achieve results in complex matters, but we also handle routine matters efficiently and economically.

We collect funds and assets owed to our clients.

We represent businesses in every phase of collection process, including exercising prejudgment remedies, obtaining judgments, and using the post-judgment execution process to satisfy the judgment.  Whether you seek to develop a plan to prevent debtors from avoiding payments or need experienced collections attorneys to pursue the money you are owed, we understand the value of persistence and will aggressively protect your financial interests. Businesses that partner with us value our common sense and practical approach to collections.  At Skufca Law, we are your partners in profitability.

To request a consultation focused on your challenge and how best to attack it, contact the business attorneys at Skufca Law at (704) 376-3030.

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