Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

When Both Sides Are Thinking: ‘I’ll Be Ruined!’

Partnership disputes can be as difficult as the breakup of a marriage. Partners are disenchanted with one another and suspicious of motives.

The challenge is to dissolve the business relationship without damaging the value of the business.

That’s why it is imperative to work with the experienced business attorneys at Skufca Law who are able to offer proven solutions to address problems which may appear insurmountable to someone facing a business dissolution for the first time.

A Satisfactory End To Your Partnership Dispute

Our lawyers look for creative solutions to the most difficult problems. Some disputes can simply be resolved with a buyout of a departing of partner. Sometimes separating an existing business into independently owned and operated business operations can resolve a partnership dispute. Sometimes dissolution can be prevented altogether by redefining roles under a more clear and better developed partnership agreement. Even when parties are at loggerheads with one another, self-interest can inspire compromise.

We do our homework before we enter into negotiations, or represent clients in formal mediation,arbitration, or civil court hearings. When litigation is required, we pursue your interests vigorously, while always preserving the value of the underlying business.

Shareholder Dispute Resolution

Our firm represents owners in the resolution of shareholder disputes. We have represented majority shareholders and minority shareholders in business corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and closely held businesses. Claims arising in disputes amongst business owners include breach of shareholder agreements, breach of fiduciary duty claims, corporate governance disagreements, excessive executive compensation claims, and issues surrounding business dissolution as well as directors’ and officers’ liability claims.

Disputes amongst business owners are poison to a company’s on-going business operations, halting forward initiatives and draining financial resources. It is imperative to work with experienced business attorneys that will roll up their sleeves and work to bring closure to the dispute either by agreement or court action and let the owners focus on running their business.

We Take Your Case As Seriously As You Do

If you are seeking a lawyer for a partnership dissolution, or for resolution of a shareholder dispute in North Carolina or South Carolina, contact the attorneys at Skufca Law.

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