Civil Litigation (Lawsuits in Court & Arbitration)

We offer comprehensive litigation services and are ready to represent you in your legal dispute. Litigation is the general term used to define a dispute that may be filed as a complaint in court, or a demand for an arbitration hearing. We represent individuals and businesses that need an experienced advocate to help them achieve the best possible outcome that is consistent with their goals and desires. Our litigation experience covers a comprehensive range of clients and cases, including:

litigation, lawsuits, arbitration
  • Contract Disputes. We represent clients in disputes related to breach of contract, contract interpretation, and enforcement, ensuring that your contractual rights are protected.
  • Business and Commercial Litigation. Whether you're facing issues with a business partner, vendor, customer or competitor, our attorneys are well-equipped to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation in court or an arbitration. We can help assess claims of deceptive practices, fraud, and contractual disputes.
  • Real Estate Litigation. Our team handles disputes involving real property, including boundary disputes, landlord-tenant matters, and disputes related to purchase and sale agreements.
  • Construction Litigation. We represent property owners, contractors, and subcontractors in construction disputes, including issues related to defects, delays, and payment disputes.
  • Insurance Disputes. We assist clients in resolving disputes with insurance companies, including denied claims and bad faith insurance practices.

Why Choose Skufca Law for Your Civil Litigation Needs?

Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in all litigation matters, and we bring a wealth of knowledge to each case we handle. We prioritize our clients' needs and objectives, working collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome.  We understand the financial considerations of litigation and work diligently to provide cost-effective options while delivering high-quality representation.

If you're facing a dispute or legal challenge, contact us today at (704) 376-3030 to schedule a consultation. Let us put our expertise and dedication to work for you, helping you navigate the complexities of litigation.

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