Business Formation & Legal Entity Selection

Choosing the best legal structure to meet your specific needs is just one of many decisions that you will make when starting a new business, but it may be the most important.  Choosing to form an LLC, partnership, or S- or C-corporation can affect multiple aspects of your business, including liability, control, ownership succession, taxes, avoiding an accidental partnership, and many others.  Certain professional entities—for example, accountants, engineers, and medical providers—have additional steps and regulations in forming an entity. We will guide you in your consideration of these issues and their impact on your business with the goal of starting you on the best path to success for your unique business.

We can help you select the best type of business organization for your specific needs.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ll then work together to set your business up to be ready to launch and grow successfully.  Our business attorneys provide business start-up services at affordable flat fees, a small early investment that can help avoid expensive costs to resolve disputes later.  We are here to help prepare and file Articles of Organization or Incorporation, obtain employer identification numbers, draft LLC Operating Agreements or corporate Bylaws and provide you with the legal advice needed to make the business decisions behind those documents.

Decisions made during the formation stage will affect nearly every aspect of your organization throughout its life. You need a business lawyer’s advice to make informed decisions. We work with startups, entrepreneurs, founders, and investors from inception and beyond. We share your entrepreneurial passion and will help you choose the best business structure to fit your specific needs and growth.

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