Modification of Family Law Orders

There are very few things in family law that are considered permanent given the impact of each decision a judge may make, especially regarding alimony, child custody and child support. Fortunately, the court recognizes this and has set up a process for modifying various court orders. However, certain elements must exist and must be proven for any court order to be modified. Contact a Charlotte modification orders lawyer to learn more about your rights.

At Skufca Law, we understand that circumstances change. Whether you have seen a reduction in hours at work, lost your job or the needs of your child have dramatically changed, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

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Many individuals naturally think of support or custody issues as the most likely candidates for modification. In truth, nearly every aspect of a family law order can be altered through the courts, including:

One of the challenges inherenting the post-decree modification is the time that it takes to effect change. Many individuals will get frustrated and attempt to reach a verbal agreement with the other party. This might seem like a reasonable short-term solution; however, this verbal agreement cannot be enforced by the court. It is wise to work through the legal system — frustrating as it might be — to ensure you ultimately have an enforceable document that reflects the changes in your circumstances.

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