Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is a highly specialized conflict resolution process that saves clients time, money, and stress. Our managing attorney Ron Skufca is one of the select few attorneys who have received the special training required to be certified in the practice of Collaborative Law to represent clients in this process.

The Collaborative Law process avoids litigation and court hearings. The process is streamlined using a series of meetings with specially trained attorneys, their clients, and experts to move the resolution process forward at the pace that is appropriate to meet the parties’ needs at a fraction of the cost and time required for litigated hearings.


Experienced Attorney in Collaborative Law

Attorney Ron Skufca has been trained in the practice of Collaborative Law for over 15 years and stays current with on-going education including the recent North Carolina Bar Association Dispute Resolution training in Asheville, NC, and active membership in the NC Civil Collaborative Association, and the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals.

The Collaborative Law conflict resolution process is well-suited to highly emotional legal disputes such as business partnership disputes, construction claims, and family law cases, particularly where a need exists for the parties to have a continuing business or personal relationship to continue to work together to run a business, complete a Project, or parent their children.

The Collaborative Law Process Saves:

  • Time - Resolutions can be reached in weeks and moves at the parties’ pace.
  • Money – Resolutions are obtained at a fraction of the cost of contested hearings.
  • Relationships – the parties, not a judge or jury make all decisions, and the parties can choose to make their resolution confidential and move forward with a resolution focused on the future.

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