We’re proud to announce that Skufca Law founder, Ron Skufca was selected as one of North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly 2018 Leaders in the Law.  NCLW honors legal professionals licensed and

Mediation vs. Arbitration – What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)? A courtroom trial is not the only way to resolve a legal dispute.  Even if parties are actively litigating a

Avoid Creating an Accidental Partnership by Planning Ahead. You and a friend start discussing a new business idea, you both do some research, work on a business plan, and maybe

Why do shareholders of a corporation have less protection than members of an LLC? When choosing to form either a corporation or a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”), there is an

Are Attorneys’ Fees Spent on Litigating Business Contract Disputes Recoverable in North Carolina? Traditionally, parties to a business contract dispute were unable to recover their attorneys’ fees, even if the

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Tired of your boss running your schedule? Unable to get your ideas heard in the executive suite? You’ve got a business idea that has been rattling around in your brain