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How can we help your non-profit?

At Skufca Law, we understand that non-profits play a vital role in our communities and are dedicated to supporting the missions of our non-profit clients. We can provide comprehensive legal guidance from:

Helping You Decide Whether to Open a Non-Profit

Non-profits are complex organizations which require a significant amount of administrative effort to maintain and monitor at the entity level (this is in addition to the non-profit’s primary operations). Because of this, it is sometimes ideal to partner with an existing non-profit to pursue your mission. Conversely, there are many reasons why you may want to proceed with forming your own non-profit.  We can counsel you though this process and can help facilitate partnerships and compliance if you do choose to associate with an existing non-profit.

Forming the Non-profit Entity.

If you decide to start a new non-profit organization, we can assist you with incorporating your non-profit, ensuring that all necessary documents are properly filed and that you meet all regulatory standards.

Governance and Board Formation.

The law requires that non-profit organizations have a board of directors to oversee the organization’s operations. Our legal experts provide guidance on board structure, bylaws, and governance policies to help your organization operate efficiently and transparently and secure the trust of its donors while fulfilling its mission.

Securing Tax-Exempt Status.

Obtaining tax-exempt status is a central reason for choosing the non-profit entity structure. We help you navigate the complex application process with the IRS to ensure your organization qualifies for tax-exempt status and receives the IRS Tax-Exempt letter many donors want to see.

Obtaining a Charitable License.

After forming the corporate entity and obtaining tax-exemption, non-profits that wish to solicit donations must also receive a charitable license from the state’s secretary of state and be entered into the secretary’s database.  Savvy donors will even check this database to ensure they are donating their money to legitimate organizations.  We can help you obtain your charitable license so you can raise the funds to further your purpose.

Ongoing Maintenance.

Non-profits require several annual filings and renewals to remain compliant. Our team can monitor these deadlines and work with you to submit these forms and applications on your behalf.

Handling General Business Matters.

Non-profit organizations are still businesses and still have many of the same business needs as a for-profit company. These needs may include contract review and negotiation, employment and volunteer matters, state-trademark protection, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.  We are here to assist you with any of these ongoing ordinary business needs.

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