Avoid Creating an Accidental Partnership by Planning Ahead. You and a friend start discussing a new business idea, you both do some research, work on a business plan, and maybe

Why do shareholders of a corporation have less protection than members of an LLC? When choosing to form either a corporation or a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”), there is an

Are Attorneys’ Fees Spent on Litigating Business Contract Disputes Recoverable in North Carolina? Traditionally, parties to a business contract dispute were unable to recover their attorneys’ fees, even if the

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Tired of your boss running your schedule? Unable to get your ideas heard in the executive suite? You’ve got a business idea that has been rattling around in your brain

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Many individuals call our law office hoping to gain emergency custody of their child. Clearly, this is a process that can be abused by the public in general. In North

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We are often asked in what circumstances a child can testify and when can a statement made by a child be used as evidence in a court proceeding. The use